Thursday, September 3, 2009

Eli Update!

Eli went to the Dr. yesterday and weighed in at 15.7 pounds!! He has gained 3 pounds in the 2 weeks we've had him! Wow! He is 27 inches long too! He is almost at the 25th percentile weight and 75 percentile height. Wonder if he will be tall? His motor development is still behind of course, but he is making great gains! When we got him, he could barely hold his head up and he wasn't reaching for anything, but now he has great head control and is constantly reaching for things. We give him lots of tummy time and do lots of rolling him around and trying to stand him up to gain some leg strengh. We also got him a Johnny Jump Up type thing to help with his strength and motor development. Look out! In another couple months, he will be hard to keep up with!

My babies early in the morning before school
Hey, you cutie pie!

Sweet Eli!
Cute little splashing foot!

Eli loves to look at himself in the mirror!

He absolutely loves, loves his bath! Look at that growing tummy!

I imagine him saying to himself: Hey, you handsome devil!!

Grandma Sherry!

Too bad he's not wearing his OU shirt!

Sweet sis Baylee! Eli lights up when Baylee is around! He thinks she is pretty neato and she feels the same about him!


  1. I love this post...Go Eli for the weight gain! That is so encouraging to hear. I especially love the last photo of your two kiddos laughing at each other. So fun!


  2. I cannot believe how much he has grown in the last 2 weeks! Wow! Mia has also gotten bigger, but it's not as apparent when you spend every waking second together. He looks so much more alive since he's been home with you guys...must be loving his mommy, daddy, and big sis! I miss you guys!