Friday, June 11, 2010

One Year Ago Today!

One year ago today, we received that much anticipated call from our adoption agency! We knew that it would be any day, so we were trying very hard not to jump every time the phone rang! I couldn't help it though, my heart would race every single time I would hear the ring. Baylee and I were shopping at H*bb*ts when the call finally came! The voice on the other end said, "We have good news. We have a baby boy for you. He's 3.5 months old and wait until you see him. He's a cute little guy." We ran to the car to listen in private! She then told me his size and other info as I scribbled it all down on an envelope in the car! We were shaking and praising God! Baylee and I agreed, the feeling was like riding a roller coaster! We immediately called Brian to share the glorious news and then rushed home to see his pictures from the email waiting for us! Brian checked out his pictures from his work as we talked on the phone. We were so completely happy! The hard thing was that we couldn't get a hold of my mom and dad or Brian's mom! Ahhh!! Of all times, finally we connected with them! We then shared the news with everyone else! Baylee and I then rushed to the mall to start shopping! Oh what fun! We had waited 8 years for this moment! Here are the first pictures we received:
Now that tiny 3.5 month old boy who wasn't even on the growth charts when we brought him home is now a healthy 15 month old who is in the 50% weight and 90% height! He is such an absolute JOY! We are so totally in love! It is such an amazing thing to see how God works. I feel so humbled and thankful that God chose Brian and I for these two miracles in our sweet Baylee Bear and my joyous Eli!


  1. How time flies! I can't believe its been a year already! What a little man Eli has become! He is so handsome, and most importantly, seems SO HAPPY! I love being able to follow your journey on here! XOXO

  2. Eli is such a precious little guy! I loved reading this post about the day you "met" him via pictures! It stirs my heart with excitement! Jeff and I have a wait ahead of us, but at least our Dossier is off to Ethiopia! WHEW! Now the REAL waiting begins! :o)

    Say, you posted on our blog that you had tried to place an order for a t-shirt or water bottle (not sure which), but we do not have an order for the email you provided. I will also email you at that email. Feel free to hop on over to place an order anytime today if you would like! We will be putting in our bulk order tomorrow (Monday) afternoon.

    THANKS so much, in advance, for your order! :o)

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