Thursday, August 20, 2009

Leaving tomorrow!

Today we visited two orphanages.  Eli was abandoned outside the gates of an orphanage.  This orphanage was 3 hours away so we didn't get to go to it.  He was only there 3 weeks before he was moved to the transition home.  The orphanages were a tough thing to see.  The children were amazing.  You just want to scoop them up and take them home.  I got some video of the children singing I will share with you later.  Eli is doing great!  He has been so good as we tote him everywhere all day.  He actually slept through the night last night.  It was wonderful.  We will pray for that again tonight!!  Baylee has been a terrific big sister!  We call her sister mom!!  We are all ready to go home.  We have bonded with the 7 other families, 2 of which will travel with us tomorrow night.  That is comforting to us be traveling together!  After tonight, we will be up for 2 solid days, starting with 3 hours at the Addis Ababa Airport before takeoff, over 20 hours of flight time, 2- 3 hour layovers, and probably 2 more hours at the OKC airport! We would appreciate your prayers!  Love to you all!


  1. Gina, we can't wait to meet Eli! Have a great journey home.

  2. It sounds like everything went well. I'm so happy and excited for all of you. I will pray for a safe journey home.