Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We have Eli!!!!

Well, we have the most beautiful baby boy in the world!  He has been so happy and funny.  We heard his first laugh today!  He loves, loves, loves his daddy who is the one who can make him laugh.  We have him at the guest house now and we are learning about who he is.  He has such big expressive eyes that stare right into your soul.  We shopped today up and down the streets.  What an experience that was.  Fun, but so hard too.  There are so many heartbreaking things to see.  Robel, our guide, is a wonderful Christian man who was on the streets at 10 years old.  Now he watches out for a group of about 23 street kids.  He has Wednesday night service with them. Many have come to Christ.  These boys are homeless and sleep on the streets, but Robel teaches them how to work for their money.  They sell gum.  Baylee was especially touched by a young girl not much younger than her so she bought some gum from her.  We have a picture of this beautiful girl with Baylee.  Brian had a touched heart with a particular little boy who he bought gum from.  We have a picture of him as well.  We drove away in tears aching for these unadoptable children, both parentless and homeless.  There are 8 families here including us and we are hoping to all get together and buy these kids shoes, school supplies, and other things they need.  Robel helps them as much as he can.  It costs 40 American dollars a year to send a child to school..  So worth it to one day give them an opportunity to better their lives.  These children are just a drop in the bucket to everything/one we have seen.  This has been the most scary,exhausting, heartbreaking, yet meaningful, life changing, faith stretching, wonderful experiences of our lives.  I will try to upload a picture, but I'm not real optimistic that it will work!  When I get home and have had days to recuperate, I will have lots of pics and video to share!  Love you all!


  1. I am so very excited for you. I can not wait to meet Eli. You are a wonderful and caring family.

  2. Congratulations! What great news. We can't wait to see some pictures.